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Investment Real Estate

Investment real estate is different from your primary residence or a second home you vacation to. Investment real estate is purchased with the sole purpose of having the property generate income for you. It takes an expert in the investment real estate industry to help you identify, analyze, and purchase the property. At 101 Realty & Management we specialize in all aspects of the Investment Real Estate Business. Whether it be helping our investors locate the right investment property, helping them to analyze the potential return on their investment, or managing the property for them, we can do it all!

Do You Already Own Investment Real Estate?

If you already own investment properties, then you know the amount of time and energy it takes just to find the right property for your particular business model. Owning rental properties can be even more time consuming. Why not have an experienced, professional property management company help?


At 101 Realty & Management we can help to maximize your ROI,  keep your rent prices inline with the market each year, and mitigate your out of pocket expenses. When we manage a property for an investor, we take the same mentality as we do when  managing our own property.

To learn more about how 101 Realty & Management can give your more freedom by managing your properties, simply click the link below and it will connect you directly to Chris Sanchez. 

For text messaging, text PHX101 to 88000.

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Looking to Purchase an Investment Property?

If you are looking for an experienced Investment Real Estate Company to help you find your next investment property, then you have come to the right place. At 101 Realty & Management we work with investors across the country and around the globe to help them find the right property in the Phoenix Metropolitan market. 

Purchasing an investment property requires you to know the market the property is located in, have your finger on the pulse of the current rental rates, knowledge of local laws & regulations, and most of all is to know how to identify how much income the property will produce. An Investment Real Estate expert can help you navigate the process and help you to watch out for the pitfalls that can come with the purchase and management.

To speak to an Investment Real Estate professional just click the button below to submit your information and you will be contacted right away. 

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Looking to Sell Your Investment Property?

There comes a time with every Investment Property that the owner will want to sell. Depending on what your exit strategy may be, 101 Realty & Management can help.


If you are looking to sell and buy a larger investment property to diversify your portfolio we can help you make sure you are getting the best price for your existing property and negotiate for you on the new property.


Are you wanting to do a 1031 exchange to avoid tax liability? We can guide you through the process and work with your qualified intermediary to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Do you have a tenant in place and need to sell to another investor so you can cash out? We work with other investors that are always looking to add more properties to their portfolio. 

Contact Us Today to Speak to an Investment Real Estate Professional!

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